Workers exploitation and food counterfeiting denounced by the latest Coldiretti-Eurispes report


Mafia presence in agricultural sector in Italy is stronger than ever. The latest annual report, published by Coldiretti and Eurispes, reveals that criminal organizations are expanding their presence to the farming and food sector. It constitutes a danger also for agriculture workers, in addition to the exploitation pursued by landowners and agribusiness makers.
32 per cent of the Italian agricultural trade is linked to illicit activities.
Criminal groups increased of 10% the value of their involvement in farming, reaching a total turnover of €15.4 billion..
Economic difficulties have allowed organised crime to infiltrate the country’s olive oil and cheese markets, a “strategically advantageous position” Roberto Moncalvo, president of Coldiretti, said to Italian media.
The criminal infiltration refers to the phenomenon of money laundering and money dirtying, the so-called investments in black economy. Another criminal current is the food products counterfeiting. Furthermore, the new criminal frontier is the online agribusiness trade Expo 2015 is going to start in May in Milan and the food production will be the central theme of the biggest event held in Europe this year. Italian institutions recommend to focus on quality food because agriculture can help Italy in the economic recovery.