Spain, Tarragona and Matarrò. The training cycle foreseen by the AGREE project has been finished off.

The first training course within the framework of the AGREE project was undertaken last 29 November in Mataró (Maresme region). The second course was carried out on 29 October in Tarragona in order to tackle the other zone at which the project aims, which is also the most complicated of all, id est. the Baix Ebre region.

A total of 36 people have been trained, all of them who happen to be representatives of various social areas: rural workers, trade unionists and representatives of small agriculture employers.

The sessions were successful and achieved the following aims:

  • To become acquainted with the situation of extreme exploitation suffered by the people who live and work in our environment or field.
  • To fight prejudices that may make admissible the situation of these persons.
  • To raise people’s awareness and show them that there exist alternatives, both in the legal field and in the trade union action one.
  • To become acquainted with what the legislation on foreign citizen’s states, as well as with the ways for regularizing persons who are in an irregular situation.
  • To endow trade unionists with the relevant tools needed in order for them to be orientated and even act when having to face situations of extreme exploitation