Raise awareness on the exploitation in the agricultural sector 22nd of October 2015 – Conference Hall of the County Council of Bacau

The National Confederation of Free Trade Unions in Romania – FRATIA

organizes a conference that  is part of a campaign that aims to raise awareness on the situations of exploitation in the agricultural sector in order to create a culture of respect for the rights of workers in this field.

The conference will involve representatives of public authorities, consumers and farmers, trade unions, non-governmental organizations and media representatives.


The society created systems from which we receive daily benefits but whose backstage remain unknown to the general public oftenly hiding severe violations of the rights of those who generate these benefits. This kind of dark backstage exists in the agricultural field – the source of our daily consumption.

As consumers, thus as direct beneficiaries, it is our responsibility to ensure that this system is developed on principles of equity and justice.

In this regard, the conference suggests to take upon ourselves, as consumers, a defining role in stopping the phenomenon of exploitation of labor by promoting a responsible consumption through active involvement in the documentation on the distribution channel for products, on their traceability and existing monitoring systems and finally, by denying and denouncing goods and services resulting from the exploitation of workers.

The conference exploits the idea of developing strong networks of militants for labor rights by giving an example of good practice – and also by proposing to the general public to adopt this model – the Local Network established within the project AGREE, a network that brought together representatives of public institutions, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, farmers and lawyers who work together to strengthen their institutional collaboration in order to stop the phenomenon of exploitation of migrant workers in agriculture.

For this goal to be achieved, it takes a concerted policy among the responsible actors, and equally important, it requests the awareness and commitment of the general public to being a part in this endeavour.

The event is part of the project “AGricoltural job Rights to End foreign workers Exploitation – AGREE”, HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/4000004390, implemented with the financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Commission.

The project is implemented from January 2014 to January 2016, by NGOs and trade unions from Italy, Spain and Romania: Associazione Bruno Trentin ISF – IRES – Beneficiary, and CITTALIA – Centro Europeo di studi e ricerche per i comuni e le citta, CONC – Confederacion Sindical de la Comision Obrera Nacional de Catalunya, Fundacio Cipriano Garcia CCOO de Catalunya, Centrul Parteneriat Pentru Egalitate – CPE and C.N.S.L.R. – Fratia – as partners.



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