The project

The project is co -funded by the European Commission under the program “Prevention of and fight against crime”, which funds research and training in the field of fight to trafficking and exploitation of workers.

The contrast to the exploitation of workers in the agricultural sector and the impact of actions on the economic and social growth of the local contexts are the themes of the project Agree (Agricoltural job rights to end foreign workers exploitation), officially started on 9 January 2014 and lead by Associazione Bruno Trentin, a center for research and training initiative of the Italian trade union CGIL .

Creating a new culture of work against all forms of exploitation and lawlessness through the promotion of the rights and opportunities of redemption is the theme that the project aims to raise at European level, developing recommendations that will be presented at the final conference in Rome at the end of the project activities.

The aim of the project is to share good practice in combating forced labor and promoting the contrast to it focusing on a range of local contexts in which workers and unions will be involved authorities and local stakeholders to implement interventions aimed at improving the living conditions of workers.