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AGREE partners at work on local research on exploitation of agricultural workers
Cittalia and Associazione Bruno Trentin are carrying on interviews to stakeholders in Latina area to identify the main characters of workers exploitation in this area in order to give a structure to the territorial network on this topic. In 2015 these actors (local authorities representatives, unions and job inspectorate) will be involved in training activities and public events.
Romanian and Spanish partners are working on the same topic and the report will be available by the end of this year on this website.


400.000 workers exploited in Italy every day, according to FLAI CGIL report
According to the report produced by FLAI CGIL on “Agromafie e capolarato” (Mafia in agricultural sector and recruiting of daily laborers), 400.000 workers are exploited in the agricultural field in Italy every day. 100.000 workers are migrants and this phenomenon has a turnover around 9 billion euro, with a tax evasion calculated in 600 million euro per year. 60% of the exploited workers, according to the report, live in slave conditions, with high rates of physical illness. Their salary is less the 50% of the one perceived by the national and provincial contracts of the sector: the average salary is around 25-30 euro per day. All the Italian regions are affected by this illegal phenomenon, fined with 351 arrests or condemnations from 2011 to 2014.