Juridical tools usefull to contrast agricultural exploitation in the 2nd training seminary in Latina, on 13rd of November

On November 13 at 09:30 at the CGIL, via Cerveteri 2A, in Latina will take place the second part of the tecnical lessons on juridical issues of the Project AGREE.

The legal regulation of the agricultural exploitation phenomenon is the argument which will be discussed inthe occasion of the second Agee training class. Special attention will be paid on the victims’ situation and on the vulnerable people.
This meeting would be an educational meeting to go in the depth of the phenomenon and compare a lot of different point of view about this. Researchers, Police, volounteers, lawyers and trade unionists, all togheter with their professional experiences.
The teachers will be lawyers working for ASGI (Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione), as the president of that association Lorenzo Trucco or the specialists on enslavement or human beings trafficking Marco Paggi and Francesca Nicodemi.

A seminar recognized by the local Lawyers Order is an occasion to learn the juridical tools to countering agricultural exploitaiton with specific laws. The class is open for every single citizen and the italian partners of the project will be present to discuss about the possible actions to contrast the phenomenon.