In the Food Processing Sector diminish Italian entrepreneurs and those increases came from across the border. The Foundation Moressa reveals what’s behind the excellence of Italian food.

The EXPO 2015 is an opportunity for Italy in terms of visibility, prestige and promotion of their excellence. In particular, whereas the theme of the event is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, will inevitably be in the spotlight the agribusiness sector, namely a top Italian excellence. A made in Italy increasingly influenced by the socio economic, since the introduction of technology to interactions with entrepreneurs (and capital) foreigners.
In this study, the Leone Moressa Foundation analyzes the role of the foreign component in the agro-food Italian, observing the trend of immigrant entrepreneurship in the PDO and PGI products and the weight of foreign employment in the sector. The analysis shows the crucial role of the foreign component in the agro-food industry: the employed in the sector increased by 62.7% in the period 2009-2014 and the number of entrepreneurs increased by 14.8% (with peaks above 20 % in some productions PDO and PGI).