“FEM XARXA (Let’s make network): Analysis and actions in the Baix Ebre region against severe labour exploitation in the agriculture area” foreseen for next 26th November

The “FEM XARXA” conference aims at making public the research developed within the framework of the AGREE project (AGricultural job Rights to End foreign workers Exploitation), co-financed by the European Commission through the program of prevention and fight against crime. This research has allowed the undertaking of a diagnosis of the overexploitation situation that affects migrant workers who are employed in the agricultural sector; it has also made possible to establish a working network with the presence of different actors from the Baix Ebre region (labour inspectorate, public institutions, national police, etc), in order to face the problem.

The news  concerning the seminar that will take place in Tortosa the 26th of November, went on many press releases

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